A comic about life, love, death, and anticipation, in about three colors.
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The Substitute 1


Cross-curriculum lesson plans were recently drawn up around Pop Culture Tragedy for use (initially) in a grade 12 English class. I have been many things to many people, but this is the first time I have been homework.

Evidently it covers Nevada State Powerstandards in English:

To use word analysis skills and strategies to comprehend new words encountered in text [NS: 1.0], To write a variety of texts that inform, persuade, describe, evaluate, or tell a story and are appropriate to purpose and audience. [NS: 6.0], To formulate research questions, use a variety of sources to obtain information, weigh the evidence, draw valid conclusions, and present findings. [NS: 6.12.9], and To apply appropriate study and learning behaviors.

By all accounts it went over well and was adopted by several other teachers. It just goes to show all it takes is a little nudity and a lot of profanity to engage students.

A copy of the English assignment is here.

If you are a teacher (or anyone really) and want a higher resolution copy of any of the comics, email me.

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