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On evolution (general). And the LORD God said, It isnot good that the man shouldbe alone; [...] And out of theground the LORD God formedevery beast of the field, andevery fowl of the air. And God made the beast of theearth after his kind [...] and Godsaw that it was good. And Godsaid, Let us make man in our image. Even the word of God evolves over time.

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Claiming the Bible to be the literal word of God is silly. Or is it?

It cannot be denied the Bible contains many contradictions. Hell, even the first book, Genesis, contains competing accounts of Creation.

But I wonder, mightn’t those taking up the literal view merely be well-read in advanced multidimensional physics? Mightn’t an omnipresent God confuse chronology when infinitely many chronologies exist, spread across infinitely many p-branes?

Yeah, I guess not. It is silly.

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