A comic about life, love, death, and reflection, in about three colors.
Dagon, I'm beginning tothink you're not investedin this. Evil. I want evil. Ifyou can't manage that,I'll find someone else. ...

Firestarter 3


Dagon is scratching my arm as I type (and re-type) this, not out of malice or meanness, out of puppyness. He wants my attention, or an ice cube. And… it’s the latter. Joy.

But enough about Dagon.

I’m hungry. I put off eating to get this comic done by deadline. And as soon as I type out this message it’s done. Solid work, eh? I think I’ll get a triple chili hamburger and a few orders of fries. Mmm…

Anyhoo, this is the penultimate fairy revenge strip. Ultimate tomorrow. Antepenultimate two days ago. Preantepenultimate two days before that.

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