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Watching Jason X. ... So wait, why is this over-dubbed in Czech? Hmmm. Interesting. I don't think it will affectthe intelligibility of the film all that much. Why is it the future? All horror franchiseshave to end up in space. I see...

Jason X


Alright. I admit it. I downloaded my copy of Jason X. It is the only Friday the 13th movie I do not own on DVD, and quite frankly it is so terrible I’ve never considered purchasing it. Excuses, excuses, I know. My actions have helped support terrorism. I’m sorry.

But MPAA, you may rest easy with the knowledge I do not speak Czech and thus am unable to profit from my illicitly procured copy of New Line’s copyrighted and trademarked work. In fact quite the opposite; I am out the 700MB of disk space the file requires.

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