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This End Down Happy birthday Tiffany, my love!This was a hard birthdayto plan for. You don'tlike flowers, or people,or places. To be safe,I decided to get youboth a stripper and ababy panda.++josh;

The Gift


I don’t really care about my own birthday and so have a hard time grasping others’ birthdays. I guess you could say I’m bad at birthday functions.

I’m generally pretty great at long distance gift-giving, though. The key, I’ve found, is to completely disregard any desires hinted at by the special person and buy or make something ludicrously random. Money really plays no part as the perfect gift for a loved one may only cost a dollar.

Originally Tiffany was going to be in Calgary over her birthday, so I had planned on making her a plush cigarette toy to cuddle in my absence.

She really shot that plan all to hell by staying here. Haha.

Please rotate your tiny device.