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So sorry! "Uno" isn't a word. What? It's "one" in Spanish.Everyone knows that. Right. Spanish. This is an English dictionary.



The other day I was out shopping for a kiddie pool for the dogs. The store only carried the inflatable kind so I bought Scrabble instead. Scrabble is without a doubt my favorite board game but it has been a long time since anyone has agreed to play with me.

[enter Tiffany]

So anyway, yeah, I know own a Scrabble set and Tiffany and I have sat down to play it a few times. Unfortunately for me, it has apparently been too long since I’ve looked at a paper dictionary and I’ve forgotten they don’t include words like uno and browser and shithead, a fact Tiffany is well aware of and quick to act on.

I used a double-letter spot, so Tiffany’s pedantic challenge cost me four points.


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