A comic about life, love, death, and porch swings, in about three colors.
QUESTION 436Art Conn and Hardy Pyle waged a bet on whocould stay under water the longest withoutthe aid of any breathing apparatus. Hardyjumped in the pool and managed to stay underfor one minute. Art knew he could never beatHardy's time using his method, but he won bystaying under for two minutes using an oldtrick. What did Art do? He drowned. A: Art Conn filled a cup with waterand stood under it for two minutes.



A potential followup question:

Shadow arrived to find Art Conn dead. He examined the scene and found traces of broken glass and a puddle of water near the body. Art’s body showed no cuts and an autopsy later revealed no water in his lungs. How did he die?

This will probably be the last MindTrap comic for a while unless the dogs decide to play with me.

Answer: Art Conn was a goldfish. He suffocated when his bowl fell and shattered.

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