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Pop Culture Tragedy and its affiliates neither guarantee nor imply the legal availability of any of the proposed band names and offer them solely for the purposeof parodic entertainment. You hereby agree to accept any and all liability resulting from any degree of real-world implementation, including but not limited to,use as an identity, legal or implicit, for- or non-profit. You further agree to provide Pop Culture Tragedy with written notification announcing anyimplementation, in whole or part, of any of the proposed band names, and no fewer than one sample recording of the band's original work(s) to be usedby Pop Culture Tragedy's sole discretion. Offer void where prohibited. The Basal Fascistomorphs The Ghost Pirates BĂȘttie Noire Dickman Baconia Pedigree The Pedants The Sotto Voces Strip Polka Chordotonal Bee Major The Rebates Whoreboy Koolasuchus The Beautiful Below Poverty Line Stolen Shoes The Boogie Woogie Washer Women Muppy West of the Moon HVAC The Hooves <STRIKE> The Abridged Legalese Underneath the Arches Crapola Sukiyaki Imitate The Swiss Snowball Earth Janefoolery The Missing Iamb Mummy Dusters The Patty Hitlers Asdf Small Loot Sex in the Bushes No Happiness The Holiday Specials Central Air The Go-Go Gluons Mixing Food The Not Copyrighted The Dead's Own The Animalcules Jesus Meat Factory Misspelled Bonus Clonus The Straddled Skull Island Tycho's Nose Banana Jam It occurs to me my musical talents begin and end withband name creation. It's a shame the fruit of my laborsshould go to waste, so dear reader, if you and/or yoursare musically inclined and nameless, feel free to drawfrom these 51 gems. You're welcome.

My Name Is Joe


None of these names turned up any hits in AMG’s database, and as they purport to be the all music guide, I’m prepared to leave it at that.

In the event any of these become real bands, I’ll make note here.

Strip Polka

Please rotate your tiny device.