A comic about life, love, death, and Peaches, in about three colors.
Spirit of the season be damned.I just want pumpkin seeds.



bunnypumpkinKevin has already bought and carved two pumpkins, though he has only sent photographic evidence of the second (see right).

I am not sure that I have ever purchased a pumpkin to call my own. At least not since childhood. Carving is all right. A bit dirty and short-lived (and not as much fun as other dirty and short-lived activities) if you ask me. But it is all right.

Seeds, though, they’re the cat’s pajamas. Reminded recently of their existence, I was almost convinced to buy myself a pumpkin. Luckily I checked Amazon.com first and found they carry pumpkin seeds sans the pumpkins, a much better proposition.

Please rotate your tiny device.