Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

This. Movie. Sucks. Even by the admittedly low standards of the series. Yeah. Haha. Although I do have one fond memory of the film, not that it is actually part of the film, per se:

A decade or so ago, a cable station ran a Friday the 13th marathon, showing all eight of the Paramount features. Each commercial break featured the hosts dressed as beatniks, one reading monotonously from the current film's script, and one miming the actions dictated.

One of the sillier deaths in the series occurs in The New Blood: Jason stumbles upon a slutty teenager still in her sleeping bag and picks it up, walks over to a tree, and swings it like a baseball bat.

Anyhoo, this death marked a commercial break during the marathon and was hysterically recreated by the hosts.

I would love to see those segments again, but I have never found them, nor anyone that even remembers seeing them.