Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

So, storytime:

Once upon a time, I worked a graveyard shift at a hotel in Chinatown. At the beginning of each shift I'd look over the list of outstanding reservations to see who was coming and gauge just how much honest work I'd have to do throughout the shift.

One night the list contained a Richard Gant, and I idly wondered if it would be the Richard Gant.

Later that same night, in walks the Richard Gant. Now most people that would recognize him would recognize him from his television work (NYPD Blue, Deadwood, etc.), but I know him as the coroner from Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.

How exactly does one say, "Welcome Mr. Gant! Might I just add I loved you in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday! Stellar, really! What was Jason's heart made out of, anyway? I've always been curious…"

I decided in the few brief moments before our interaction that one just doesn't say that. The chance it would be mistaken for sarcasm is just too high. So I instead said, "Welcome sir. Do you have a reservation? What is your last name?"