Lost Boys

Deilos is doing really well, all things considered. In the two weeks we've had her she's started walking on a leash, slapping Dagon, slapping me, playing with toys, following us on walks, etc. She is progressing much faster than either Tiffany or I expected.

It was quickly apparent children were somehow to blame for her state. She is terrified of them. And really, who could blame her? Human children are utterly obnoxious.

While I would personally be embarrassed being seen with such a muppety representation of my genetics in public, I understand many parents do not feel this way. I do not, however, understand the desire to bring waddling humans to the dog park and let them run rampant (assuming of course you're not trying to get rid of them).

The park was overrun with children yesterday. Annoying squeaky things that run up to strange dogs with arms outstretched. Stupid things that fail to comprehend go away and this dog will eat you.