The Seven Year Itch

Lubriderm ran an ad several years ago featuring a nearly naked woman with silky-smooth skin in contrast to an alligator with, well, scaly reptile skin. I've always wondered why they didn't feature an amphibian. The hard, watertight skin of reptiles is one of their primary evolutionary advantages. A frog with dry skin would be on the brink of death and surely in need of Lubriderm's skincare products.

Anyhoo, I keep a list of comic ideas that are too stupid to use unless utterly desperate, and somewhere in there is "lotion/amphibian".

Astute observers will note the above features some variety of crocodilian, 100% reptile. This is true. The weather is changing and my skin has been arbitrarily dry and itchy, climaxing on my head over the past two days. So you see, it is a relevant comic, versus a desperate comic, so "lotion/amphibian" will just have to stay on the list.