The Substitute 3

As a beginning smoker I experimented with various brands. All brands really. Filtered, non, menthol, regular, organic, mutant… I even smoked Marlboro Lights imported from Sweden for a while*.

It didn't take too long for me to settle on American Spirit. I used to be able to order them direct from Indian** reservations duty free, which made it affordable to smoke their organic line (cartons were only about $20 after shipping). But in keeping with tradition, the US government eventually got around to pressuring the credit card companies into revoking merchant accounts for reservations. Thus I was forced to buy cigarettes at tobacconists like everyone else, and forced to pay for the privilege like everyone else.


After moving to California I started rolling my own (Natural American Spirit Premium Roll-Your-Own 100% Additive-Free Natural Tobacco). It didn't take long for me to become an expert roller. I am a genius after all. And hand-rolled cigarettes are pretty sexy. Tiffany thinks so anyway.