Violator 1

A few Fridays ago I played chauffeur for an old acquaintance of mine wanting to see and experience the Las Vegas of the "locals".

There are, of course, only a handful of secret places worth a damn, and all but one of them have video poker, so as the night drew on we inevitably found ourselves downtown near Fremont Street (which is, of course, no secret).

I won't bore you with the specifics of the fun-filled evening as it detracts from the point of this particular story, but after the fun-filled evening we returned to the parking garage across the street from El Cortez, where I parked, and found a massive VIOLATION sticker plastered on the driver's side window.

It didn't specify what I was in violation of, and looking around I saw no signs designating the area as "reserved", say, but all of the other cars had received the same treatment.

The rant continues in the next exciting issue of Pop Culture Tragedy!