The Flood

Once upon a time, I noticed a wet spot on the floor. I thought, Well that's odd, figured it was a one-off house elf/dog spillage, and promptly forgot about it.

Then once upon a time about a week later, I noticed a wetter spot on the floor. As two one-off house elf/dog spillages in the same area a week apart would be quite the coincidence, I came to realize we had ourselves a leak.


And because there had been standing water for the better part of a week, we had ourselves a stinky mildewy leak.

Double yay!

Well surely the landlord would send someone right away to address this swampy health hazard…

Well, no.

A day passed, we complained again, someone showed up and did a quick inspection and concluded, "It is the A/C. Someone will be by to look at it."

A day passed, nobody came, so again we complained. Two someones came by this time, agreed it was the A/C, and removed the unit. A couple hours later they brought it back. "All fixed," they said.

But it wasn't. The puddle remained. Again we complained, again someone came by, removed the unit, brought back the same unit declaring it fixed, and again, dripitty dripitty drip.

We complained again and nobody came.

Two days later (a week since our first complaint), we complained again. Someone came, told us the A/C is inadequate to cool the size apartment we are dwelling in and thus would always leak. After much prodding, he took the unit and gave us a new (ancient) one.

Strangely, it isn't leaking.