The Chamber of Secrets

My memories of the past few years are a bit of a blur. My whole life, really. Except for a brief period between 2007-2009, when I faithfully translated the trials and triumphs of my existence in comic form. Those events are remembered for me, thanks to this site.

I mean, I can remember things on my own. I do. Frequently. I remember when McDonald's got All-Day Breakfast. I remember when we accidentally ended up with a third dog (Dactyl). I got new shoes once, I remember that.

But there's no organization. It is a mad jumble without any chronology, like the mess of cables and wires and miscellaneous hardware I keep in my desk drawer.

So I can either sit down every now and again and doodle, or I can surrender to the waves of experience like Patrick Swayze at the end of Point Break.

Stay tuned to see which it is!