A-Haunting We Will Go 2

Dagon wasn't the sort of person to sink gently into the background. He was more the sort to knock you to the floor and drown you in kisses.

In short, he had a presence.

His death completely derailed our lives. For months afterwards, Tiffany and I regularly heard his feet tinkling against the stone floor or scraping the walls. We'd catch his shadow scurrying across the room out the corners of our eyes. We'd feel his weight on top of us while we slept at night.

And thankfully, we still do, from time to time.

For Dactyl, though, things have played out a little differently.

In life, Dagon was a constant source of annoyance for him, always poking him in the butt, always scheming, always taunting him with something, always being loved by everyone else, always getting all the attention…

It makes sense Dagon should continue his efforts from the beyond.

And if we're being honest, Dactyl is such an easy mark.