Another Brick in the Wall

Unrelated to this comic, but pretty cool, cigarette butts can be recycled into brick-making batter, resulting in lower energy costs and lighter materials.

I'm doing my part!

Boy am I ever doing my part.

Despite America being "more divided than ever", it appears both presidential candidates are in full agreement on a number of key issues:

So it would appear the top of the ballot is merely a choice between death by chaos and death by inaction. We are so fortunate to be governed by such wise, old fascists men.

Down-ballot, at least, there are a few crumbs of hope.

Which reminds me: if you, dear reader, would like to maybe someday see an election with an actual choice — or universal healthcare or demilitarized police or social justice or a Green New Deal — I encourage you to join the Democratic Socialists of America.

Anyhoo, fuck you, Joe. I'm going to vote for you anyway. But fuck you. If by some miracle you happen to win, you can expect endless hell from the people you're ignoring.