Have a Marijuana

Marijuana has a long and tangled legal history in the United States.

While several states — including Nevada! — have fully opened their doors to the drug trade, most states still require marijuana use be medical in nature.

Unfortunately, thanks to its restricted federal classification, there is virtually no body of research against which to weigh any claims of pharmacology.

All we have to go on are centuries of consistent anecdotal evidence.

Speaking of which, holy cow, marijuana is a PTSD Wonder Drug!

With memory being so central to triggers and flashbacks, it is rather a no-brainer that cannabis strains high in Tetrahydrocannabinol — what the kids call "THC" — provide an effective treatment for Posttraumatic stress disorder by directly disrupting short-term memory functionality in the brain.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Right. Drugs…

Unlike meditation and mindfulness — which also help — marijuana requires no special training, focus, or patience, and its effects can be felt immediately. It's ease of use might sound like "laziness", but focus and patience are incredibly difficult to dredge up when one's body and mind are on the brink of destruction.

I can't imagine how I'd have gotten to this point without it.