Rainbow Connection

¡Unidos con Bernie!

It has been interesting watching national coverage of Sanders' caucus victory. The media seem genuinely baffled. How could their machinations have failed to sway the election? And by such a degree?

Easy. Nobody watches cable news.*

But also: Bernie Sanders had the only organized campaign presence in the state. Nevada felt largely ignored this campaign season.

Which probably explains part of the media's confusion. If only field journalism were still a thing…

Bernie Sanders volunteers, on the other hand, were out all along, en masse, hitting the streets — ¡y las calles! — knocking doors, engaging with voters, etc.

At our particular caucus precinct, Sanders' staff/volunteers outnumbered any other candidate's by at least 5:1.

That number, dearest forecasters, is what you should be looking at.

Por supuesto he was going to win.

* Except my dad, apparently. The other day he asked me without irony, "What's the deal with all these violent Bernie Bros?" Retirement is dangerous without a hobby to keep the mind sharp.